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Homework Program

    Over the years we have developed a homework program to assist our children in their studies. Because this program relies on communication between teachers, parents, the kids and our staff, we have created this page and the contact forms below to allow the various parties to communicate via email.

You can help by sending:

  • A list of assignments that need to be completed

  • Information or details about an assignment

  • Your child's weekly report card

  • Feedback on assignments completed

  • Comments or concerns about our homework program


"Through consistency and positive
reinforcement we have made great
progress with many children."


Homework Communication Form

Name of ATAC student: 

Your name:

Relation to student:

Child's School:


Phone number:

School Loop Login:

(optional but very helpful)

School Loop Password:

(optional but very helpful)

Check any the apply:

We spent too much time at home doing work that could be done at ATAC.

Work done at ATAC was incorrectly and/or incomplete.

Assignments listed below need to be done by the listed dates.


ATAC Electronic Report Card

Name of ATAC student:
Teacher's name:
Teacher's Email:
Teacher's Ph. #:
Child's School:
Report for week of: Monday to Friday

Assignments completed:
All completed. Great Job!     Some late     Some missing     Many missing. Needs to improve.

Please list any missing assignments that need to be completed.

Great!     Good     OK     Needs Improvement

Other Comments:

Phone calls and/or emails may be used to verify authenticity of electronic report cards.
Fraudulent reporting is cause for termination from the program.

I verify that I am a teacher or parent of the child attending the ATAC program.

Outta Bounds Homework Program (ages 9 - 14)
Monday through Friday our after school day begins with a brief homework period. All staff are available to assist the children with their homework. Reference materials, computers and even supervised internet access are also provided as needed. At the conclusion of each week, grade school kids will bring a weekly report from their teacher to let us know if all work was completed and if they need assistance in any specific areas. These report cards are then rewarded with a paycheck that can be used at our in house store. Our Jr. High kids participate in the same program with the exception of bringing their semester report cards in as their progress indicator.
Small Hall Homework Program (ages 5 - 8)
Our younger children typically have a smaller work load than the older kids and their parents are given the option to choose their level of participation in the homework program. Questionnaires are sent out where parents can choose to have their child do some, all or none of their work here at the center. Rewards are given for participation in the program and the kids can earn special trips and ATAC money for our in-house store.
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Outta Bounds
More information on
Small Hall